tiyul number 3- nahal katlav

by Aviv Blum on June 24, 2010

Tiyul #3

June 24, 2010. we just got back from an amazing tiyul in the bar giyora area. your probably asking how it was, right? then i’ll tell you: we left the house at about 10:20-30 and we were a bit delayed because of one stop for gas and traffic. so we got there, used the bathrooms and started the hike at 11:00. on the friday the week before we went on another hike that started in bar bahar which we went on with our cousin dylan and the hike was only 20 minutes so on that hike we ended up on a rode which we had to walk on for 6 minutes until the beginning of the hike. and it happened to be that the end of that hike was the beginning of the nahal katlav hike. so we walked on that road and up a small hill and then down again until we got to a turnoff of or going to red or to black so we went to black because red took us to the hike we took on friday. so the black trail took us down down down into a valley and it was very beautiful down there. the only thing that was annoying was that there were like a billion fly’s in the shady part because someone pooped or something an i’m not talking about 3 or 4 fly’s, i’m talking about thousands and thousands of fly’s because each step we took was so disgusting because the fly’s were all over us. but other then that the first part of going down was very fun and beautiful. it took about 2 hours to get down to the valley. after we were about done with going down the trees cleared out a bit and we had a little open space and sun, and while we were walking we ran into a huge water pipe which we walked netx to for about 15 minutes. so after that we got all the way down and got to a tunnel which we weren’t supposed to go into. this was the part where we turned on to the green. so first we sat down on the water pipe and had some snacks and then we took a left to some stairs and what do you know! over the tunnel there were train tracks, we didn’t know if there was a train which still went on it but it was cool to see that once people got off on a train in bar giyora right where we were hiking. now we have come to the challenging part and the fun part. four words: up and rock climbing. so we climbed up, for the first part of the climb there wasn’t so much rock climbing and we didn’t get high enough to see the view, but after we climbed a bit we came to some really cool ruins, it was like a huge ancient mosque, it had 2 domes and 1 big main room and 2 minor rooms, we also ate lunch there. when we were there we thought we were really high but we were actually not that high. so after that we kept on climbing up until we got to a split of black and blue and we did not know where to go. so we called our tour guide instructor, asher arbit. by the way, i would like to thank asher arbit for giving me all these wonderful tiyulim. so anyway, we called asher and he told us to go on the black one. so we went on the black one, and then turned on to the green one and on the green one is when we actually started the rock climbing, and i mean literally climbing rocks, there weren’t so many foot holes so i mean literally. and finally after a very fun and hard climb we finally reached the black trail again and this time it was a dirt path. and boy, let me tell you, the view was so spectacular from there i couldn’t believe my eyes. we could see mountains upon mountains upon mountains, we could even see the the bridge of strings which is on the tip of jerusalem, and i was very surprised by this sight. so then we walked on the dirt path for forty minutes watching the view the whole way, and guess what? the beginning of the trail we took last week on friday was the end of our tiyul today. i think i disrcribed this tiyul pretty well. well, to sum it up, it was an AWSOME TIYUL.

A happy family on tiyul

Imma loved this hill so much she named it "Jody Hill"

Dome of a ruined mosque

A pretty blue flower

My parents love a tiyul!

Another dome

What a view!

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sara argamon June 24, 2010 at 7:44 pm

wow! what a beautiful view into a truly lovely way to spend the year preparing to be a bar mitzvah! thanks for posting 🙂

Safta June 24, 2010 at 9:09 pm

Well, Aviv, after reading all about your latest “tiyul”, it sounds like you’re ready to climb Mt. Kilamanjaro! Do you know where that is?
Your great Uncle Mick climbed it when he was young, probably in his early 20’s. Glad you’re enjoying yourself so much! Wish I could hike with you. Maybe next March!

Love and hugs,


Aviv Blum June 25, 2010 at 7:18 am

of coarse i know what mount kilimanjaro. in fact, when we went to africa we flew right over it in the plane and i’ve always mentioned that i have wanted to climb it before i die

Valerie June 25, 2010 at 5:26 pm

Hi Aviv, I just wanted to say thank you for starting this great blog. My son, Sam, is just about one year away from his Bar Mitzvah, and we will be watching you and your folks from the Bay Area as you prepare, study and hike. What a wonderful idea! Keep up the great writing, and again, thanks for sharing. 🙂

Ruth Mason June 27, 2010 at 6:24 pm

Wow, Aviv. Very fun sounding and GREAT writing! Expressive, flowy, interesting, FUN. You made me wish I was thre. . I see you are multi-talented…and not just a good singer. This is such a fabulous idea. Enjoy the rest with your wonderful Ima and Aba.

Jen van Stelle July 20, 2010 at 3:37 am

Just left a comment on one of your previous blog entries about rock climbing — sounds like you’re really into it, Aviv! I definitely recommend learning the technical stuff (how to belay, how to use cams, chocks, hexes, stoppers, etc.) — it’s really fun! 🙂

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