tiyul number 2- carmel, har shokef!

by Aviv Blum on May 30, 2010

Tiyul #2

May 29, 2010. tiyul number two was absolutely beautiful. we left the house at 8:20 am. it was a 2 hours and twenty minute drive including getting lost in a Druze town called Daliat el Carmel, i thought it looked a lot like tel aviv yafo which we went to recently. we got to the beginning of the hike which was a parking lot and we walked a bit to the side to get to the beginning of the trail. on the whole hike we went from the red trail to the green trail and then to the black trail and then back to the red trail. there were about four or five parts to the hike: the first part was the beginning which was amazingly beautiful because there were a lot of trees and it was like walking in a rain forest, the first part was next to what used to be a stream but dried out and for those of you who don’t know there isn’t a lot of water in Israel and if there were that stream would be filled with water. the second part of the hike was probably the only part in the whole Carmel which was an open prairie, no trees and stuff just the sky and that kept on for about 20 minutes and it also wasn’t so pretty as the rest of the hike. then the 3d part of the hike was a bit harder becuase we were actually going up a steep mountain, we thought it was mount shokef but it was actually the wrong mountain! and so when we got to the top we noticed that we were to concentrated in our climbing that we didn’t see any trail markers telling us where to go for a long time. so when we got to the top we settled down at a big open spot and ate our lunch and while we were eating some people came with there bikes and we asked them if they knew where we were and so they tried to help us find ourselves on the map. eventually we walked on a path that we thought was right and it lead us to the right direction! and so we got to the top of mount shokef in peace. and then we kept on, on a road till we reached the red trail again and followed it all the way  back to the car, and the red trail was just as pretty as the red trail we took in the beginning of the hike and it was amazing to walk down a hill with beautiful trees and the amazing part was that most of the hike was all shady because we were in the carmel and there were trees all around. so we got back to the car at three. so that means it was a four hour hike because we started at 11:00 and ended at 3:00. i think this hike was much better then the hike before because 1: there was much more rock climbing in this one 2: it was MUCH more shady 3: it was SO MUCH MORE prettier then the last one. so i think that this summed up to a very good hike, a very excellent hike.

Me on the red trail marker

Imma with the beautiful flowers

The whole family at the beginning of the tiyul

Beautiful mountain scene

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Grandma Carol June 3, 2010 at 9:21 pm

Aviv, this looks like a fun hike. Your description and photos made it seem like I was there with you…and I sure wish I was! Looking forward to future hikes. Love, G’ma C

Jen van Stelle July 20, 2010 at 3:30 am

Hey, Aviv, enjoying your blog! I read what you said about liking this second hike better than the first because there was much more rock climbing. If you’re interested in doing more technical rock climbing, a climbing gym can be a good way to start. When the weather isn’t so good, you and your Abba might consider checking one out. There’s a list here: http://www.indoorclimbing.com/israel.html — including one in Jerusalem at the Teddi soccer stadium. (I started at about your age, climbing in Marin County — not far from Berkeley — and later in Yosemite — it was really fun!)

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