tiyul number 1 – hirbet itab

by Aviv Blum on May 23, 2010

Tiyul #1

May 21, 2010. for our first tiyul we went to hirbet itab which is in the bar giyora area. it was a very pleasant hike, some parts with trees some parts without. we started the hike at 10:40 am and ended at 2:00 pm. the hike started good, we hiked on a dirt path for about twenty minutes until we got to a small natural pool. we first stopped and ate some of our snacks and then we started the hike up a mountain. and what do you know, our friends the abbey’s, the parents were my parents friends and one of there sons was in my school, and it happened to be between all the hikes that we could have done it happened to be this hike that we saw the abbey’s, what a big coincidence! so we said our goodbyes to them because they were going the other way and we kept on our hike to the top of the mountain which took about ten minutes. so we got to the top where there were ruins, but just to remind you, we all did this hike before so we knew what was coming. so at the ruins we met more hikers which came all the way from tel Aviv, and they were all very kind. and then we continued our hike down the mountain we just hiked up. that took about 25 minutes. and when we got to the bottom it was another jeep\ dirt road. and when we got to the bottom we had our picnic which wasn’t so comfortable because there were no benches or anything to sit on so we had to all squish on one rock. and then we walked for about another hour on the dirt road to the end and from that we made a full circle and ended up exactly where we started. and over the trip we also took a bunch of pictures which i will post. and when we got to the place that we started we got ice cream, something we get at the end of almost every hike we do.

View all the way to the ocean

Our friends the Abbeys on the trail

Taking a break


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